Club Rules

  1. All club members will endeavor to bring their vehicles to enviable conditions
  2. Club meetings and club drives are mandatory. In case one has to miss, prior notice will be given to the convener of the meeting or the drive
  3. During the drives, members will be required:
    • To have on their club t-shirts and club caps
    • Follow the planned route
    • Stop at agreed points unless it is necessary to stop
    • Adhere to the speed limit - city 40kph, highway 65kph
    • Keep position in convoy
    • Always ensure that you can see the member behind you in your rearview mirror.

Code of Conduct

  1. Every club member while adorning any club paraphernalia or while driving his/her Volkswagen vehicle that runs our sticker, will conduct himself/herself in a manner that will not bring any shame to the club.
  2. Every club member promises to follow and respect all traffic rules while driving his/her Volkswagen.